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What is a session and how do I get billed for it?

Please note that you’ll only be billed on sessions if you’re on the Enterprise Service Provider plan. Please consult with the billing team or the Account Management team to confirm how you get billed.


As an Enterprise partner, how will I be billed? 

You’re being billed on session/connection on a monthly basis.

What is classified as a session?

 A  session is a “connection”, a connection will occur only after a guest has authenticated via the splash page.

An authentication occurs after a guest clicks on the SSID, receives the splash page, clicks connect, chooses a social login and then is redirected to the redirect URL.

on a return guest, a new session/connection will occur once they click the “connect” button on the splash page.

When does a session begin?

Once the authentication or a connection has occurred through the splash page.

when does a session end?

  Whichever is first:

      1. When the session time’s out
      2. when an idle timeout occurs
      3. OR – Some Ruckus products: will drop an end user if they disassociate from the AP
      4. Supporting Documentation:
        Session Profiles KB Article
        How to change a session

When a client is forced timed out, is that an end of a session?

Yes, that’s the end of that session.

If that same client joins the network again 5 minutes later, is that now a new session?

    1. Yes, it’s a new session, it would be a new session if a idle time or forced timeout took place.
    2. Caveat: Some Ruckus products will drop an end user if they disassociate from the AP. Please test this in your lab environment.

When a client is timed out due to inactivity, is that an end of a session?

yes, the re-connection would be the begging of a new session.

when that client reconnects does that start a new session?

Yes, if it’s outside of a forced timeout or idle timeout

Updated on July 18, 2019

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