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What is a NAS-ID and Shared Secret?

A NAS-ID and Shared Secret are terms used to identify attributes that are sent from Hotspot equipment to the Smart WiFi Platform. The two attributes essentially are the username and password that the gateway sends so the platform knows what gateway is connecting and what splash page to deliver.

We recommend that you have some type of a system when creating these so they are logical and easy to search in the dashboard. For instance, maybe the NAS-ID is the first 5 characters of the Hotspot location name, so “Acme Burgers” would be “AcmeB”, or some other type of scheme that suits you (no spaces). Whatever you store here when creating the Hotspot will become permanent to that hotspot so any gateway equipment associated with this Hotspot will need to reference the NAS ID and Shared Secret in order to work properly. BOTH of the fields are case-sensitive. DO NOT enter spaces or special characters in these fields and keep them as short as possible as some equipment may not work properly if this information is too long or contains special characters.

In version 2.18 we’ve added a function that will automatically generate a random 8 digit NAS-ID if you don’t have your own naming scheme. You will be able to edit the fields upon the creation of the Hotspot if you’d prefer to use your own scheme. Remember that once you Submit this, the NAS-IDE cannot be changed, you would need to de-activate this Hotspot and create a new one.

Updated on February 19, 2019

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