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Mobile hotspot LTE solutions

The information contained in this section is a reference and may not be 100% accurate. Additional steps MAY need to be taken. We recommend that your technical person handles these steps for you.

OPTION 1: We recommend using any Cradlepoint equipment which is designed for mobile venues or for an in-expensive option for small locations or for sales demos, you can use a Mikrotik WaP LTE. You can order these and configure yourself or you can order from us pre-configured.

For a list of compatible LTE devices, please check the Mikrotik website at: http://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Supported_Hardware#4G_LTE_cards_and_modems

If you choose to use an LTE enabled Mikrotik, such as the RBwAPR-2nD, please follow the configuration steps below.

1. Unscrew the back from the Mikroitk.
2. Insert a SIM Card in the correct orientation.
3. Power the device on and connect a network cable.
4. In WinBox, factory reset the device then run the script from the dashboard.
5. Go to interfaces->click on the lte apns->double click on the default->under apn type in your mobile carrier if tmobile type in fast.t-mobile.com->change the default route distance to 1
5. In the left hand column click on QuickSet.
6. Update the APN field to match your Mobile Service Provider. (ie: fast.t-mobile.com)

Serivce ProviderAPN

7. Reboot the device.
If you are running firmware version 6.43.2 you can skip step 8. If you are running firmware 6.43.2 or lower you will need to complete step 8. To find out what firmware your mikrotik is running click on quickset->click on check for updates.
8. Log back in to WinBox, open a new terminal, and run the script below.

/ip dhcp-client add default-route-distance=1 disabled=no interface=lte1

9. Disconnect network cable from the Mikrotik and let the device fail over to LTE. This might take a minute to occur.


OPTION 2 (Older way):
To setup a mobile hotspot (ie: for small events or in-vehicle solutions), we recommend using any of the Mikrotik controllers that also have a USB port, such as an HAP Ac Lite (RB952Ui) or a Mikrotik (RB951Ui-2HnD). These types of routers have a USB port on then that can be used to tether to a mobile-carrier “hotspot” modem, such as a ZTE hotspot device. You will need to configure the USB port and send a command to activate the port through the Smart WiFi Dashboard or through Winbox.

Here’s the command you will need to send WHEN AN LTE-USB modem is tethered to either of the Mikrotik equipment:

/ip dhcp-client add default-route-distance=1 disabled=no interface=lte1

IMPORTANT NOTE: The carrier LTE modem MUST be connected to the USB port of the MikroTik AND online BEFORE sending the command to the Mikrotik gateway. The gateway can ONLY enable the USB port if it ‘sees’ a device connected to it.

Updated on April 24, 2019

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