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What does “Hotspot Deactivated, contact support” mean?

If you or your clients are seeing “Hotspot deactivated, contact support” (see below)

Here are some possible reasons that you’re seeing the error, along with the resolutions:

  1. The Hotspot is de-activated in the Smart WiFi Dashboard. To correct, re-activate the Hotspot.

  2. The Client that the Hotspot is assigned to was De-activated. To Correct, Re-activate the Client and then re-activate the Hotspot.

  3. The NASID in the device configuration does not match the NASID in the Hotspot Profile. Case Sensitive and please make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces.
  4. The MAC address of the Access Point is not created as a Gateway in the Marketing4WiFi Platform. Be sure ALL of the required MAC addresses are added as gateways to the hotspot.
Updated on April 9, 2019

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