Version 2.96

In Production: January 24th, 2024

New Features
  • Added HTTPS support to TP-Link Omada gateway integration
  • SMS Report displays additional metrics on send status
  • Added data validation to the Add/Edit Contact page for birthdate
  • Added http/https and hostname fields to the Gateway import page for gateway type ArubaOS
  • Guest/Contact profiles are automatically unsubscribed if the platform attempts to send a SMS Campaign to their corresponding mobile number and the SMS provider returns an error that the number is invalid, already unsubscribed from the configured number, or included on a blacklist.
Bug fixes
  • Resolved behavior where the Consent box was not displayed to guests on hotspots utilizing a guest flow
  • Resolved behavior where the Continue button of the Ad Based login method did not work
  • Resolved issue with SMS Campaign Templates not containing a coupon when used as part of a Smart Campaign with rule type Before Birthday
Updated on January 29, 2024
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