Version 2.9

(Released April 26, 2016)

  1. Client-User with selection of Hotspots able to be accessed. This will allow a Client to choose access to certain location data only. (Store managers)
  2. Add Hotspot selector list under Clients Above ‘User Access’ (By default, all would be allowed). Result: Client User can only see reports/insights etc related to the specific hotspot access list. (If not assigned to any hotspots, then they will be assigned to all hotspots under the client)
  3. Add column in Smart e-mail and Smart e-mail log (Client)
  4. Remove “export CSV” from ‘Guest Summary’
  5. Move the newUserReport from Guest Summary to Guest Connections –Rename button ‘Export Guests’ / Rename ‘Export CSV’ to ‘Export Connections’
  6. Smart e-mail open/click thru rate (1×1) pixel tracking – (Smart e-mail log – add column – “status” – Option (unread/read)
  7. Guest Insights (Smart e-mail read/unread percentage) Pie Chart
  8. Allow Hotspot edit to client / user
  9. For client – remove Redirect Details and Device Details
  10. Allow edit splash page to Client User
  11. Fishbowl adding Store Code to MailList Sync (Add/Edit) and fixed the sync process to Fishbowl.
  12. Facebook age calculation for insights and age graphs (Operator MUST have API approval from Facebook)
  13. Birthday field on ‘Export Guests’ report
Updated on February 19, 2019

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