Version 2.82

In Production: September 7th, 2022

New Features
  • Smart Campaign rule Event Event is now available for hotspots without Presence/Proximity enabled
  • Increased length of Gateway name field¬† to 128 characters
  • Guest Summary NAS ID column has been changed to Hotspot
  • Add Hotspot Submit button is now locked after being clicked now to prevent the creation of duplicate hotspots
Bug fix updates
  • Client Users can now use the guest profile PSK Status button for active SecurePass guest plans
  • Dashboard now enforces character limit on Gateway names
  • When viewing the Connection Summary page as a Client User limited by hotspot the report now only shows hotspots the user has access to
  • Resolved issue with SMS Scheduled Campaigns failing to send when Clients are using inherited Operator Twilio credentials with no Marketing Number configured



Updated on September 7, 2022
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