Version 2.6

(Released March 2 , 2016)

** New Features

  • New “single-page” Hotspot Add/Edit
    • New Add/Edit functionality for Hotspots that enables creation of a new Hotspot (including all dependencies) on one page
    • New Map for Hotspot locations
    • New Hotspot Address fields (to list on map)
    • New Hotspot Categories available
  • Operator Default SSID
    • New Default SSID setting for Operators that will automatically set the SSID for all new Hotspots/Gateways added. You can then customize as needed.

** Improvements

  • New OpenWRT Gateway functionality
    • Checkbox to enable routing LAN switch ports to the Smart WiFi Splash page (or disable it to allow LAN ports open Internet access)
    • Checkbox to enable/disable Client isolation security



Updated on February 19, 2019

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