Version 2.30

Released: September 19, 2018

  • Operator Settings page layout change
    Separating the elements for a cleaner look and feel (certain fields will be hidden for Private Label version).

  • Blank field element on Drag-n-Drop splash page editor (for “phantom data” entry)
    We have had some clients ask for a blank field entry to be added to the splash page. This field would ask the guest to input a value (ie: a room number). The value would not be validated or stored, but could help deter non-guests from logging into the guest WiFi system.

  • Client-user Single Sign-On API
    This will allow 3rd part software companies to request a client-user login token to automatically login a client user to their Marketing4WiFi dashboard account.
  • Open Mesh “Cloudtrax Script” field no longer required to add the gateway.

  • Added ‘No Encryption’ option for SMTP servers

  • Insights – Selected hotspots will be replicated on all insights. Now it’s even easier to see Insights data associated with one or more Hotspots. Hotspot values will match unless you choose to remove or change the values.

  • Modified Campaign Template Add “+” option. Now you can add a new campaign template “on-the-fly” without losing any of your work on the campaign form.

*Subject to change


Updated on February 19, 2019

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