Version 2.28

Released : June 19, 2018


2.28 Release Video-Operators from Smart WiFi on Vimeo.

  • A brand-new Drag-and-Drop splash page editor! You’re clients are going to LOVE how easy the new editor will be! The Classic Editor will still be available as an option AND there is an easy way to upgrade old splash pages to the new Drag-and-Drop editor version. <more>

  • Splash pages will now have more Connect button options AND the ability to place the connection options on the FIRST page.
  • Personalized Splash page for Return Guests. Now your venues can welcome past guests with their names and even a completely different message!

  • Splash Page Clone feature (Operator Level). This allows the operator to clone a splash page and assign it to a client easily.

  • Guest profile re-design. Completely re-designed Guest Profile page. We also added in a tab to show you and your clients a log of Campaigns that have been sent to the Guest.

  • Guest List CRM. A Guest profile can easily be searched by guest profile information so you can find specifics on a guest or group of guests! Note: Since this is a new menu option, please be sure to enable the permissions in your operator plans and enable it as needed for your current client users. (OPERATOR ACTION REQUIRED: see below)

  • Added Platform selector (Operator-level) so you can easily switch between any of the GoZone WiFi platforms. With this feature we removed the ‘Ads4WiFi’ menu item on the menu bar. <more>

  • We removed the ‘Manage Hotspot Images’ menu item as it’s not needed anymore due to the new Splash page editor capabilities.
  • We removed the ‘Venue Image’ , ‘Promo Image’, and ‘Ad Script’ fields in the Hotspot Edit area. These are not needed anymore thanks to the updated splash page editors!

  • Order Hardware button will link to our shopping cart for pre-configured hardware <more>
  • Added SMS and Twitter Campaign statistics on Campaign Insights

  • Behind the scenes enhancements and minor fixes.

Operator required actions when release is implemented:

  1. Modify your Operator plans with the new Menu Item(s)

  2. Update your Twitter APP with the following changes (updated article HERE)
    You will need to modify your callback URLS.
    Callback URL #1:  https://splash.<YOURDOMAIN.COM>/twitter/index.php Callback URL #2:  https://dashboard.<YOURDOMAIN.COM>/twitter/index.php
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already haven’t done so, you WILL NEED to get your Facebook APP’s re-approved ASAP. Facebook has made SIGNIFICANT changes to their API’s due to the privacy concerns that you’ve undoubtedly seen in the news. Due to these changes, guest gender and links to the Facebook user profiles may not work properly until Facebook re-approves your APP.

*Subject to change


Updated on April 5, 2019

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