Version 2.26

In Production: Released 3-1-2018


  • Operator Plans Module– This will allow operators to create plan templates for both Clients and Client users. This will allow you to more easily assign permissions to client users based on template settings. See more info
  • Unsubscribe Report. There is now an unsubscribe report so operators or clients can export a list of unsubscribed e-mails. This will allow them to upload this list to their chosen e-mail provider to be in compliance with anti-SPAM laws. See more info

  • Client E-Mail Templates. We’ve re-named and moved the E-mail templates that operators setup to be sent to clients weekly. It is now located under the Operator settings and has been re-named.

  • Client User permissions with visibility switches. This will allow both operators and clients to turn on and off features visibility in the dashboard menus. When a menu item is disabled BUT is set to visible, an upgrade message can now be displayed to your Client to promote upgrades for added features. See more.
  • Operator Setting “Upgrade message”. Now under the operator settings are, there is a field that allows you to write a message to your clients in cases where they may not be paying for a feature but see it in their menu. This will help you promote service upgrades.

  • Auto un-subscribe. If a client has a mail list sync rule created, and a guest unsubscribes from a Smart e-mail. The Marketing4WiFi platform will automatically send that unsubscribe request to the mail list provider (ie: Mail Chimp, Robly, Constant Contact and Fishbowl). <See more>.
  • Reseller Switch. We added a Reseller switch in the Add/Edit Client area. This will allow you to quickly identify whether a client is one of your resellers. We will be adding additional reports and added features in a future release that will use this switch value.

  • Some performance issues behind the scenes were made.

*Subject to change

Updated on February 19, 2019
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