Version 2.23

In Production: Released Nov 30th, 2017

  • Easier way to add multiple gateways MAC addresses
    Now you can add groups of access points in a single form while adding a gateway. This will save you time in large venues with multiple AP’s and controllers.

  • Longer keep-alive on forms
    We’ve increased the time allowed to stay in most forms. This will prevent you from being logged out while you’re editing a form.
  • Increased session time-outs
    We’ve increased the allowed session time from 1 day (1440 minutes) to 7 days (10080 minutes).
  • Cisco Enterprise (WLC/Aironet) controller support
    We’ve added integration for Cisco enterprise-level controllers for large venues.

  • Image upload location change
    Images will now be uploaded to a new cache server for faster delivery. (Note: Be sure that * id opened in ALL of your walled garden entries). In addition, please add: to all of your walled garden entries for existing and new networks.
  • Coupons are now able to be associated with a particular Hotspot in addition to a Client.
    This will allow your clients to assign coupons to certain hotspots and the coupons will not be visible to client users unless they have the permission to access that particular hotspot information.

  • Added to default walled garden entries
  • Some “behind the scenes’ enhancements


Updated on February 19, 2019
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