Version 2.19

Released: May 16, 2017

[alert style=”danger”]** With the new advanced login options and guest data that is being collected, this release will fundamentally change the way our system handles guest logins. With Version 2.18 and below, guests can login one time at ANY of your operator locations and only have to enter their social credentials or e-mail address info one-time. With 2.19, we will require guests to re-login at locations owned by other clients separately. This will allow the Clients to benefit from the Facebook ‘Likes’, Check-ins, Twitter and advanced e-mail data. This will GREATLY benefit the Clients. To help make it easier for guests, we will still be auto-populating data when a guest logs into multiple locations owned by the same Client.[/alert]

  • Enhanced API and Guest detail token on redirect (To allow guest data to securely be sent to redirect page with JSON code)
  • Facebook location post and check-in function**   Client Support KB Document is HERE

  • Added Smart SMS and Tweet Campaign Rules to allow Clients to promote their business using Twitter and SMS!

  • If SMS disabled for a client then they will be instructed to subscribe for the feature.

  • Updated Campaign Logs to also show Smart Tweets and Smart SMS Rules that have been processed and added a sort bar.

  • New icons on Mail List Sync – changed menu name to “Integrations”. Now each icon will automatically select the Mail List provider from the pull-down list and required fields.

  • Added Zapier Integration button that will display the Zapier API key to Clients when they click it.

  • Some style changes
  • Twitter connections will now collect e-mail addresses if the Twitter user allows it. To setup, CLICK HERE.
  • Updated smart e-mail and Splash page editor
  • GUI changes when adding and editing Hotspots to better handle the new advanced data collection and functions.

  • Field counts added to many data fields.
  • Google+ – The Google+ Connect option will NOT display anymore on an iOS (Apple device). Google has recently made changes blocking requests coming from WebKit type browsers (which is what iPhone/iPad and MAC uses). Therefore, in order to accommodate Google+ requests from Androids or non-MAC laptops, our splash system will detect the browser and will automatically remove the Google+ social option on non-conforming devices. Android users and non-Apple users will not be affected.[row][col_half]iPhone View[/col_half][col_half]non-iphone view[/col_half][/row]
  • Modified walled garden entry defaults for Ruckus xClaim Access Points.
  • Reports and Insights –  speed improvements.

*Subject to change

Updated on February 19, 2019

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