Version 2.18

Released April 5, 2017

  • Mikrotik – added support to enable a private, password-protected WLAN
  • Mikrotik – fixed where SSID on WLAN 2 did not change when pushed from dashboard
  • Ability to change the Dashboard¬†Title from “Smart WiFi Dashboard”. Under Operator customizations:

  • New Smart E-Mail Builder tool with drag and drop elements to make creation of Smart e-mails even easier

  • Added additional information options on E-Mail connection to collect First Name, Last Name, Birthday and Gender! Data will be populated to all reports and will merge onto Smart e-mails

  • Ability to change the legal disclaimer on e-mail connection page

  • Ability to easily upload a responsive background image to the Splash Pages and control transparency.

  • New Operator Billing page showing your billing history directly in the dashboard

  • Increase SMTP password field size for Sendgrid SMTP server support
  • When creating a new Hotspot, the NAS-ID and Password will be automatically generated to save time if you don’t have a naming scheme. See this document for more information.
  • Birthday e-mail fix

*Subject to change

Updated on February 19, 2019

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