Version 2.17

Released: January 18, 2016

Zapier Integration (Both Operator-level AND Client-level) – MORE INFO
Linked-In Connect Option (see below)

You will now be able to enable LinkedIn  as a social login method. This will be set to ON by default for all new Hotspot locations.

[alert style=”info”]IMPORTANT: Before enabling LinkedIn, you will need to add some entries to your wallled gardens on Hotspot gateways that are already deployed. New gateways will include the entries in the default walled garden. The entries are as follows:


If you have Mikrotik gateways – send the following Command for EACH gateway:
[alert style=”info”]/ip hotspot walled-garden add dst-host=*linkedin* dst-port=80,443
/ip hotspot walled-garden add dst-host=*licdn* dst-port=80,443[/alert]

Database improvements (behind the scenes)
Additional Mikrotik scripts to optimize
New Splash Page templates with nice graphics
New Smart e-mail rule added (Send after X visits – from now)
-This rule is similar to the Send after X visits, BUT, it sends to guests that login X amount of times after you enable this rule.
Default SMS Country per Hotspot
If SMS is configured for a Hotspot and it happens to be located in England, the default phone number will be set to England instead of the U.S.
Client De-activation/Re-Activation module (To be able to de-activate a Client in case they fail to pay or cancel service)
Guest Details with Profile pictures now link the guest image to their social profile page.
Added “TEST SMS” button to test Twilio API Information. Added to Operator AND Client Customizations pages.


Updated on February 19, 2019

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