Version 2.16

Released November 16, 2016

  1. Optimized Reports and Insights to shorten load times
  2. Added Export to Excel Function to Reports
  3. Optimized Main Dashboard (Top Users) section to show last 15 days
  4. Added Mikrotik Keep-Alive to 45 Minutes in Default Script
  5. Added Mikrotik WLAN 2 enable button to append the default script when you have a Mikrotik controller with 2 radios embedded.
  6. Added ability to turn on/off different e-mail list providers
  7. Adjusted Dashboard to show Top Guests for last 15 Days (Changed from 90)
  8. Added merge keys for client Smart E-mails(Profile Name, Email Address, First Name, and Profile Name for URL) on Smart Emails to allow more customized Smart E-mails. Also added Salutation field. See This link for details:
  9. Added Total Connections # on Guest Profile
  10. Added Unsubscribe code to ALL Smart E-mails. You or your Client can still add the unsubscribe key to their e-mail and if they forget, the Dashboard will append the Smart e-mail when it is sent. This is required by most SPAM laws and ISP’s to prevent SPAM complaints.

*Subject to change

Updated on February 19, 2019
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