Version 2.15

(In Final Testing- estimated release October 12)

  1. Twilio Integration for SMS Verification (Optional as Connect method AND forced options)
    As a white label operator, you will need to get a Twilio account for the SMS features to function. You can see the Twilio SMS pricing here.
  2. SMS Report showing hot many SMS’s were sent for a Client Hotspot
  3. Enable/Disable SMS on a Client-by-client basis
  4. Added SMS as Login Type OR forced after any type of login (Must be enabled for Client to display on Client hotspot). READ THIS DOCUMENT FIRST
  5. Added SMS verification time options (To allow operator or client to choose when an SMS must be re-verified)
  6. Mobile number displayed on Guest profile and in Guest Connection export reports
  7. E-mail address validation
  8. Edit Client Settings from the Operator Client add/edit page
  9. Display Client Users/Hotspot/Splash Pages and Connect Profiles in Client Edit page
  10. Integration support for for Xirrus high-density gateways
  11. Client Users will be able to add/edit and delete Client Users under their Client account
  12. Separated E-mail report keys (To allow more customization of weekly e-mailed Client reports)
  13. Added placeholders in empty fields and added “*” for required fields
  14. Optimized main Dashboard graphs to allow menu selection before the calculations are completed
  15. Now aloows for you to insert your own Constant Contact API key into the Operator settings to prevent an error when Clients try to create a Sync rule through Constant COntact they get a redirect error. Be sure to use your dashboard URL for the Constant Contact API. To get your own API key pleas visit:  – The system will default to use the API key for if you leave the field empty.

*Subject to change

Updated on February 19, 2019

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