Version 2.10

(Released May 24, 2016)

  1. Smart e-mail unsubscribe added
  2. Smart E-mail rule based on Guest Visit Count (Send E-Mail when guest connects to X times on specific location/s)
  3. openWRT script change (re-run setup upon failed update AND reverse SSH tunnel)
  4. Robly Integration Added to Maillist Sync
  5. Move OpenWRT config to Database also the Public IP will be now supplied from the OpenWRT device along with the updates
  6. Multi-lingual splash page (converts “Connect”, Terms and conditions text and “Connect to text” to default browser language. Supported languages: (English-default, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Hindi)
  7. Fix Blusocket hardware select
  8. Add Mikrotik Gateway type and dynamic script
  9. Updated walled garden list properly formatted for Ruckus vSCZ
  10. Operator URL added to Operator customizations – Domain Name (For Smart E-mail unsubscribes)
  11. Report ‘Guest Connections’, “Export Guests” button exports all connections for the current Operator.
  12. Misc Bug Fixes
Updated on February 19, 2019

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