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Configuring Touchless Menu Clients

To help bars and restaurants re-engage with customers as they begin to open again after Covid-19 we have devised a strategy using the Marketing4WiFi platform to provide contact-less menus to customers.

As an operator of the Marketing4WiFi platform you already have the tools necessary to configure and sell the Marketing4WiFi platform in this type of fashion. Below we have outlined the steps to support configuring complete “Touchless Menu” hotspots in the Marketing4WiFi platform for new clients.

  1. Create an Operator Plan Template and configure to the settings below.
    • Enable: ON
    • Plan Name: Touchless Menu
    • Client Number of Included MDC: 0
    • Client Number of Included unique guests per month: 0
    • Client Number of Included SMS: 0
    • Leave User Visibility ON so customers using the Touchless Menu product can see the other capabilities of the platform but will be served an upgrade message when pressing them.
    • User Access
      1. Client Settings: ON
      2. Client Profile: ON
      3. Add/Edit Users & Manage: ON
      4. Network: ON
      5. Splash Pages & Manage: ON
      6. Reports: ON
      7. Gateway Status: ON
      8. Billing: ON
      9. Client Support: ON

  2. Create a Client using the operator plan template to configure the settings.
  3. Create a Client User using the operator plan template to configure the settings.
    • Be sure to document the username and password to provide to your client.
  4. Create a Splash Page using one of the Menu Template options available.
    We suggest using the “Image Menu” template as it allows a restaurant to simply upload an image of their menu and updating their greeting if they like and be done their own greeting and be done.

    For more information on the Touchless Menu creation process please see the client level article on creating Touchless Menus.

  5. Create a Hotspot and configure to the settings below.
      • Active: YES
      • Set the location settings using the Google Maps search box
      • Splash Page List: Select the splash page created in step 4.
      • Type of Login: Social (All Login Options)
        • Turn all login options OFF
      • SMS Required: OFF
      • Enable Opt-Out Login: OFF
      • Consent Box: OFF(Optional: Turn the consent box on for clients using the platform to provide Guest WiFi and display a notification that after connecting they will need to use a QR code to view the Touchless Menu again. )
      • Hotspot Schedule: OFF
      • Default Session Profile: **DEFAULT**
      • Redirect URL: https://google.com
      • Gateway Details: No
      • Press Submit

  6. Create the Gateway for the AP that will be broadcasting the Touchless Menu.
  7. Configure the hardware to the Marketing4WiFi hotspot.

    We have chosen to use MikroTik hAP towers to deploy to customers as their “Touchless Menu Box” for the ease of deployment into their existing network. These are available from GoZone pre-configured to your hotspot.


Updated on May 12, 2020

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