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Telnyx Configuration Guide

Operators should read the SMS Operator Considerations article before enabling SMS for any Client.

This article covers configuring a Marketing 4 WiFi Client to utilize an existing Telnyx account so the Client can utilize the SMS features in the dashboard. Please be sure to complete all 10DLC Brand and Campaign registration processes before attempting to send a message from the platform.

Telnyx Portal configuration

  1. Login to your Telnyx portal
  2. If using managed accounts, login to your desired managed account
  3. Using the  menu panel to the left, select Home
  4. Use the Copy button to copy your API Key and save it for use later in this guide
  5. Using the menu panel to the left, select Numbers > My Numbers
  6. Copy the complete number connected to your configured Messaging Profile and save it for use later in this guide
  7. This concludes the Telnyx Portal configuration portion of the guide

Marketing 4 WiFi Dashboard configuration

You should have your Telnyx Auth Token, and Telnyx SMS-enabled number after completing the steps above in this guide.

  1. Login to your Operator dashboard
  2. Use the  navigation panel to the left, open Operator Settings > Add/Edit Client
  3. Press the Edit button to the right of the Client you’re configuring SMS for
  4. On the Edit Client make the following changes
    • Enable SMS: ON
    • SMS Provider: Telnyx
    • Telnyx Auth Token: Enter the value collected in step 4 of the Telnyx Portal configuration
    • Telnyx Phone Number: Enter the value collected in step 6 of the Telnyx Portal configuration
  5. Press Submit
  6. The Client now has access to the SMS functions in the dashboard


Updated on April 19, 2024

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