SMS Connect Option using Twilio

You can confirm your environment under Operator Customizations.

Before activating the SMS Options for your Clients, it is important to read the SMS Operator Considerations article.

To complete the configuration you will need the following information from your Twilio and Marketing4WiFi dashboard:

  1. Dashboard Environment
  2. Twilio Account SID
  3. Twilio Auth Token
  4. Twilio SMS-enabled Phone Number
  5. Marketing4WiFi API Token

If you do not complete the Twilio account configuration, subscribe status will not be updated in the Marketing4WiFi dashboard.

You will need to make the follow changes to your Twilio account:

  1. Login to your Twilio account and go to
  2. Create a new ‘Message Service’ by clicking on the + button.
  3. -Give the service a name and select a 2 Way communication ‘Use Case’:
  4. You will now be in the settings page for your service. Make sure to select ‘SEND AN INCOMING_MESSAGE WEBHOOK’ and fill in the request url as an HTTP POST with the API URL for your environment replaceing <token> with your API token from the replacing <token> with your API token from the Operator Customization page. Save the page when complete.<token><token>

  5. Now you will need to add the Twilio number configured to the Marketing4WiFi platform to the SMS service. On the left click on ‘Numbers’ then select ‘Add Existing Twilio Number’. Select the correct Twilio number by checking the box next to it and pressing ‘Add Selected’.

You will need to make the following changes to your dashboard.

  1. Login to the dashboard and go to Operator Customizations.
  2. Paste the appropriate information into the Twilio fields.
    Consider setting up an secondary Twilio number for your marketing campaigns.
  3. Submit the changes.
  4. Use the ‘Send Test SMS’ button to confirm the Twilio configuration was successful.

By default, if you have your phone number entered, then all of your clients and their Hotspots will use that number. However, if one or more of your clients get their own phone number or short-code then you can add the information to their Client account. Please see the client Twilio configuration article.

SMS Login Diagram:


Updated on February 10, 2021

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