Configuration for Open Mesh 4.XX

You can confirm your environment under Operator Customizations.

Before configuring your device, please be sure that you have added the Gateway to the Smart WiFi Platform and associated it with a Hotspot.

The Open Mesh Firmware release 481 is fully supported by the Smart WiFi Platform. For BEST performance, we recommend that all of your Open Mesh equipment is flashed using this firmware and you create a “Legacy” network when setting up your Cloudtrax network. The Cloudtrax options you see here are available on a Legacy network setup.

  1. Login to CloudTrax
  2. Click on the Network drop-down and click the link for ‘Create new network’

    **NOTE** If you are using an existing network, you may skip to step #6

  3. Provide the appropriate information for all fields in the ‘Create a new network’ pop-up.
    Then click the ‘Create’ button.

  4. Scroll to the map, then click a location to add your new Access Point

  5. Provide the appropriate information for the new Access Point, then click the ‘Add’ button

  6. In the menu, click the item for ‘SSID1’

  7. Under the ‘Common’ section, set the ‘SSID Name’. Also confirm settings:
    – Enable: Yes
    – Visible: Yes
    – Authentication: No

  8. Scroll to the section labeled ‘Captive Portal’ and ensure the ‘Bandwidth Throttling’ option is enabled. Also ensure the ‘Splash Page’ option is enabled.

  9. Scroll to the section ‘Splash page configuration’. Click the button for ‘Hosted remotely’.
    Set ‘Splash page URL’ to:  Select one

    Set ‘Splash page secret’ to: hotspot
  10. Scroll to the section ‘Splash page authentication’. Click the button for ‘RADIUS’.
    Set ‘Server address 1’ to: Select one

    Set ‘Server address 2’ to: Select one

    Set ‘Server Secret’ to the value you entered in the Smart WiFi Platform gateway settings
    Set ‘NAS ID’ to the value provided value you entered in the Smart WiFi Platform gateway settings

  11. Scroll to the ‘Walled Garden’ field. Please add all the Default walled garden entries.

    If you’re a white label client and you have your own splash domain, be sure to include it in the walled garden.

  12. Select ‘Chilispot Compatible’:

  13. Scroll to the top of the page, click the ‘Save Changes’ button

  14. If you want to prevent the controller from automatically upgrading it’s firmware (recommended) then go to the ‘Maintenance’ menu and be sure that the Automatic Upgrades is turned OFF

  15. That’s it!
    Please wait a few minutes to ensure the configuration is updated on your Access Point.



Updated on February 10, 2021

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