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Redeemable Coupon Feature Overview

We have added a redeemable coupon feature in version 2.22. This has been one of the most asked for features and we’ve answered! Here’s how it works:

We’ve added a new main menu item called “Coupons”. This is the area that you (the operator), or your Client can add their own coupons that can be sent using our Smart Campaigns (Smart E-Mail) Smart SMS, and Smart Tweets will be in a future release).


You are able to set the Client user permissions to allow or disallow the feature. This is handy if you want to charge a premium for this feature in your Smart WiFi packages.

The coupons will not work as a stand-alone product so coupon links will not be able to be sent from 3rd party systems.

Coupon Feature Process:

  1. Client adds Coupon Campaign.
  2. Client creates specific coupons through the campaign editor
  3. Client adds a Button, Image or Text in their Smart E-mail campaign and adds the to the associated coupon Key by dragging the coupon to the Smart e-mail using the Advanced editor.
  4. When guests receive a Smart E-mail campaign, it will include a specialized hyperlink on the message.
  5. If the guest clicks on the message link then they will be re-directed to the coupon through their browser.
  6. When the guest clicks the Button within the coupon, it will give the guest instructions and if the number of allowed redemptions is available and days and dates are valid, the button will prompt the guest to confirm the redemption. If there are no redemptions available or if the day or dates are invalid, the button will alert them that the Coupon has already been redeemed, or that the day/dates are invalid for redemption.
  7. As valid coupons get sent through Smart campaigns and as redemptions occur, the counts are available in the dashboard for statistical and reporting purposes.

Coupon Campaign Logs:

We’ve also added a new campaign log area specific to coupons. This will show you (and your client), a list of all of their coupon campaigns, who received them, the time that the guest viewed and redeemed the coupons! This list will also export to Excel.

Updated on October 9, 2019

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