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Re-initializing a TP-Link841N using OpenWRT

If you need to re-setup a TP-Link841 that has OpenWRT installed on it, please follow the steps below:

  1. Connect the WAN port to a clean Internet connection and connect the LAN port to the computer that you will be using to refresh the controller.

  2. Login to openWRT on the controller by visiting (or the static IP you use for your devices by default)

  3. Login to the openWRT LUCI Interface

  4. Go to System>Backup/Flash Firmware and “Perform Reset” (This factory defaults the openWRT installation and removes any of the previous configuration or corruption that may be causing issues)

  5. After the system is erased and ready to-reinitialize, login to the openWRT LUCI interface (no password this time since it was erased).

  6. Login and setup a new password – Save and Apply.

  7. Be sure the WiFi radio is enabled >Network>WiFi>Enable

  8. We HIGHLY recommend that you set a Static IP other than

  9. Now, using the Putty utility, Connect to your device using SSH

  10. Login using ‘root’ as the login name and use the password you setup in the previous step. (If you get a ‘Security Breach error, simply click ‘Yes’)

  11. Now, paste the command from the Smart WiFi Dashboard under gateway settings.
    [alert style=”info”]wget ‘http://dashboard.smartwifiplatform.com/OpenWRT/setup.php’ -O setup.sh;sh setup.sh;rm setup.sh;[/alert]

  12. Once it’s completed, you will be returned to the command prompt and you will notice the controller rebooting.

  13. Let it reboot and give it about 60-120 seconds to fully load. Your controller is now re-initialized!
Updated on February 19, 2019

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