Payments (Optional Module)

The payment module is an optional feature set that allows you and/or your clients to collect payments through the enabled payment processor integrations. Depending on the desired billing relationship please configure the payment processor method, see below:

Payment gateway configuration guides:
Operator processing payments:

If you as the operator wish to process the payments for your clients you will need to configure your desired payment processor method in the Operator Customization settings. Input your account credentials based of the selected payment processor.

Client processing payments:

If you as the operator want your client to process the payments for themselves, the client will need to configure their desired payment processor method in the Client Customization settings.
1. Make sure your client user has access to Client Customization, if they don’t, give them access.
2. Provide them with the following article link.

Articles for more information regarding the Payments Module:
Important notes:
  • If enabled, you will need to open additional walled garden websites to be available on the gateways in the hotspot that is accepting payments.
  • The Marketing4WiFi platform NEVER collects or stores ANY credit card or paypal login information, therefore, all of the credit card security is handled directly by your selected processor.
Updated on June 18, 2021
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