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Mikrotik Gateway Status is reporting offline

The Report>Gateway status page shows you the status of Mikrotik equipment that may be having issues.


A ‘Down’ status means that the Mikrotik controller has not checked in since the time/number of days displayed.

An ‘Up’ status means that the Mikrotik controller has checked in. The auto-generated script from the dashboard sends a status update every 15 minutes.

In some cases, the status may show ‘down’ but the controller is functioning fine. This is by design. The ‘up’ status simply establishes a secure tunnel with our back-end systems so you can send remote commands to the device in the field (which is normally difficult to do for Mikrotik equipment).

If this is showing ‘down’ and the controller is performing normally, you may want to connect to the device using Winbox and re-apply the portion of the gateway script that establishes the link to our dashboard. This script is specific to the gateway and is dynamically generated from the dashboard, so if there are several gateways in this state, be sure to apply the specific script items to the specific gateway controller.

You will find the reporting function in the generated script:

Go to Hotspot>Gateways>Edit the specific gateway. Click View.

Look for the following script lines and paste those in Winbox accordingly.
/interface sstp-client remove SmartWiFi_Management-SSTP /interface sstp-client add connect-to=XXXX.smartwifiplatform.com max-mtu=1400 max-mru=1400 name=SmartWiFi_Management-SSTP user=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX password=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX profile=default-encryption disabled no /user add name=smartwifi password=123456abcd comment=SmartWiFi-Management group=full /system scheduler add disabled=no interval=15m name=schedule1 on-event=”/tool fetch url=\”http://XXXXX.smartwifiplatform.com/RouterOS/update.php\\?mac=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX\”” start-date=jan/01/1970 start-time=00:00:00



Updated on December 4, 2019

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