Mass importation of Gateways

With our CSV import feature, we’ve made it easy to add a mass amount of gateway MAC addresses into the Marketing4WiFi platform. You will use the ‘Import from file’ button on the Network>Gateways menu.

  1. Click on ‘Import from file’. Choose the Hotspot that these gateways will be associated with.
  2. Choose the Gateway manufacturer ‘gateway type’. This is important as each manufacturer may require different fields to be populated therefore the import template that you’re going to download next will be dynamic based on this value.
  3. Click ‘Download template’ an open the downloaded file in Excel or similar app.

4. Populate the spreadsheet template making sure to use Upper Case only and there are no extra spaces or non ASCII characters in any of the cells.

5. Save the spreadsheet and Upload the file. Click Submit.

6. If there are no errors then you will be returned to the gateway list and all of your gateways will now be listed and associated with the Hotspot you selected.

Updated on September 25, 2019

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