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How to Remotely Reboot a Mikrotik via the Dashboard

You can remotely reboot a Mikrotik via the dashboard using a script.

This will only work if the Gateway Status of your Mikrotik is “Connected”, see picture below.  If the Gateway Status says “Disconnected : Connection to the Mikrotik Failed. Check if the gateway is online.”, you will need to go onsite and reboot the Mikrotik manually.

To the run script use the following process.

1. In the dashboard click on Hotspot.
2. In the Hotspot drop down list, select Gateways.
3. Select the Mikrotik in that needs to be restarted.
4. scroll down to the Run Script, type in “/system reboot”, and click the Run button.

5. Press ‘Yes’ on the prompt and the page will hang as the device shuts down before it can reply to the platform.
6. After a few minutes refresh the page and confirm the Gateway Status shows “Connected” again.

Updated on October 22, 2020

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