How do I setup a reseller?

You can create your own reseller program if you’d like to help build additional channels to sell your Smart WiFi services.

Using the Client User Permissions is the easiest way to setup resellers and their own Hotspots.

There are several ways to setup resellers. You could give them their own Dashboard account and place all of their Hotspots under that Reseller client account. Or, you could create a new client account and assign a reseller to that client account. Of course, can vary this depending on your business model. Play around a bit and see what works BEST for your scenario.

Scenario 1 (Reseller will be a “master” to all hotspots resold under them).

  1. Create a new Client which is the name of the reseller.

  2. Then as they order new Hotspots from you, you simply add the new Hotspot and assign it to the Reseller Client Account:

  3. Assign all of the relevant Splash Pages and Session Profiles to this Client as well:

  4. Then, create the Client User which will be the master account for the reseller. Be sure to give them the permission to be able to add additional Client Users.

  5. Now – when the Reseller logs in using the credentials you gave them, they can simply add a new Client User for their individual customers and limit their views and data strictly to the Hotspot(s) that are granted by the reseller. If the reseller customer needs the ability to create more dashboard credentials, then the reseller can enable that and ONLY the permissions that the customer has, and ONLY the hotspot(s) that the customer belongs to will be available.

    SCENARIO 2: (Resellers don’t have dashboard access, each client will get their own dashboard account and can supply dashboard credentials to the reseller if they desire). Clients are their own “master” account.

    With the introduction of Version 2.26, we added a “Reseller” switch to help you better identify your resellers.

    In version 2.33, we introduced the ability to assign a Reseller to a Client. This will allow you to more easily identify the reseller for clients that may call into your support team.

    You can now assign a Client to a reseller. Simply Select the reseller in the drop-down list. If you don’t see the reseller list, be sure that you’ve created a client record for the reseller.


You can allow the reseller to change the branding logo in the upper left-hand corner of the dashboard. You would need to create a client user and then re-login as the client-user that you created for the reseller account. Then go to client profile and upload an image for the ‘Client Logo’.
Additional information can be found here:


Updated on April 24, 2020
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