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How can I re-activate a Client or Hotspot?

If you’ve de-activated a Hotspot or a Client and you’d like to reactivate them, then follow the steps below:

Go to Operator Settings>Add/Edit Clients, then click the Re-activate button:

You will get an Alert Box telling you what the action will do:

This will activate the Client User Dashboard access again and re-enable the Splash Pages and Session Profiles.

You will then need to re-activate EACH Hotspot.

Go to Operator Settings>Add/Edit Client and the click the Edit icon.

  1. Scroll down to see the Hotspots that are assigned to this client. The click the “Re-Activate” button for each Hotspot you’d like to re-activate.

  2. You will get an alert box. To Re-activate the Hotspot choose Yes:

    Guests will now be able to login at the Hotspot again. (Note: It may take a few minutes for the Splash page to re-appear due to server caching). In addition, all of the historical data associated with this Hotspot will be restored and available in Reports and Insights.

Updated on September 25, 2019

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