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How Can I Change the SSID for Mikrotik Gateways

As long as the Mikrotik Gateway Status is “Connected”;  you can change the SSID on a Mikrotik gateway through the dashboard.

If the Gateway Status says “Disconnected : Connection to the Mikrotik Failed. Check if the gateway is online.”, make sure the Mikrotik has power and is connected to the Internet.

In the dashboard:
1. Click on Network
2. Gateways in the navigation bar to the left
3.Click the edit button for the Gateway that you would like to update

Ensure the Gateway Status is Connected.

  1. Type a new SSID in to the “Wireless SSID” field
  2. Click on the blue sync button
  3. Press Ok
  4. Submit the page

Updated on September 13, 2021

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