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Global enable and disable login/connect methods

Operators can enable and disable login methods GLOBALLY. This will allow you to control what login methods appear on the Hotspot Edit page as well as any Splash pages as they are delivered to guests on login.

To globally disable a login method, navigate to Operator Setting>Operator Customizations.

You will notice Enable/Disable toggle switches for each login method. By default, all are enabled. To disable a connection method, toggle the method to ‘Off’.

[alert style=”danger”]NOTE: Turning OFF a login method will disable that method GLOBALLY across ALL of your Hotspots. If you change your mind later, you will need to manually re-enable them on all hotspots. You will get a notice about this when you toggle the ‘Off’. In addition, the setting is not saved and activated until you click ‘Submit’.[/alert]

After disabling a method, be sure to remove the associated Walled Garden entries from all of your hotspot gateway equipment and you will need to remember NOT to include the walled garden entries for future gateways.

To re-enable the connection method, toggle to ‘On’. Once you submit then you will need to re-enable the connect method in each of your Hotspots and be sure to add the associated Walled Garden entries to your gateway equipment.

Updated on September 25, 2019

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