Gateway License Manager

*If you’re a Enterprise Service Provider (variable) then this option will not appear in your dashboard.

The Gateway License Manager option is enabled for those Operators that are on the Fixed (per AP)* pricing plan.


To access the Gateway License Manager:

Operator Settings > Operator Billing page

Active Licenses: This is the total number of active licenses that you have. These could be assigned or un-assigned. This excludes expired or suspended licenses.
License Manager: This button will take you to the Gateway license manager page where you can assign licenses to your gateways/aps.
Buy Licenses: This button will take you to your billing portal and allow you to make instant license purchases.

Purchase New Licenses
1. Click Buy Licenses button -> Choose Another Category -> Service Provider Add-ONS -> and purchase your licenses.

2. Click “Refresh Licenses” in your gateway license manager to see your purchased licenses immediately.


As you order Access Point licenses, the keys and other relevant information will appear on this page including, the description of the license, the original activation date, the license renewal date, status, the gateway assignment (if assigned), and a button to Assign the license to a gateway or un-assign it from a gateway.

“Key” – This is the license key that is assigned through our key generation system in the billing portal.
“Name” – Is a description of the license you have.
“Activation Date” is the day that you initially ordered the license.
“Renew Date” is the day the license will be renewed or expired if not paid.
“Gateway” is the name of the gateway that you assigned this license to.
“Action – Assign” button to allow you to assign a license to a gateway/ap.
“Action – Un-Assign” button will detach the license from a gateway.

Q: Can I reuse a license on a different gateway?
A: To re-assign a license to a new Gateway, simply un-assign it and re-assign it to the gateway of your choice.

Q: What happens if I suspend a Client or Hotspot?
A: When a client or hotspot is suspended the gateways associated to the hotspot are still saved in the platform with the licenses attached to them. If you enable the client/hotspot the gateways will still be attached to the hotspot with the licenses attached to the gateway. To re-assign a license, un-assign it and assign it to the new gateway in the license manager.

Q: What happens if a gateway is not assigned a license or the license is expired?
A: When the guest attaches to an access point that is un-licensed or where the license is expired, then the splash page will not be displayed. Instead, the guest will see a page that says “Gateway Unlicensed, Please Contact Support.”   To clear this error message, assign a valid license to the gateway. The MAC address of the gateway will be listed on the page to make it easier for you to find and assign in the dashboard.

Updated on February 5, 2020

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