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COVID-19 Creating a Courtesy Hold Plan

We’re all being affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Below are some resources that hopefully will help you weather the storm.

Client Resources:  CLICK HERE for helpful information that you can send to your clients. All of the information we have on this page including the video(s) is generic branding “Smart WiFi”.

Operator Tips: It’s important as Operators to limit our exposure to client cancellations.

TIP: One suggestion for preventing client churn is to create a “Courtesy Hold Plan”. A courtesy plan might be a reduced fee or you may want to eliminate the fee completely to help you Client weather the COVID storm.

This type of plan might limit the ability for your client to perform certain functions in the dashboard but would still allow guests to connect. Or you can suspend your clients or de-activate a hotspot.

Using the Marketinf4WiFi Operator Plans feature, you can easily customize a limited plan for your clients.


Be sure to apply the plan template to your Client AND the Client Users 

Here’s what our Courtesy Hold Plan looks like, but you can adjust according your own policies:


TIP: De-Activate your Client hotspots. If you do this, guests will not be able to connect to the hotspot and will received a “Hotspot de-activated, contact support” splash page.

Updated on February 3, 2023

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