Client Troubleshooting Tips

This article is intended as reference to help operators troubleshoot a hotspot that is reporting the service is not working.


  • Is the Access Point powered on?
    Make sure the device is receiving power from an AC adapter or through PoE. If you’re sure the device is properly plugged in and it still does not power up contact the manufacturer for support.
  • Is the Access Point properly patched into the modem/router?
    Ensure you’re using a functioning standard cat5e Ethernet cable to connect the Access Point to the Router.
  • Is the modem/router online and with a connection to the internet?
    Make sure the ISP connection is current and that the port the Access Point is plugged into has an open connection out to the internet.Guest Experience:
  • Is the Guest WiFi signal being transmitted?
    Hardware issue, please contact the manufacturer for support.
  • Can guests connect to the WiFi?
    Hardware issue, please contact the manufacturer for support.
  • Is the Captive Network Assistant triggered?
    Please ensure your Walled Garden is up to date with GoZone’s current Default Walled Garden list.
  • Can guests trigger the redirect to the splash page using a browser?
    If the Captive Network Assistant is not triggered, guests should be able to access the splash page by browsing outside the Walled Garden entries in a browser.
  • Is the correct splash page displayed?
    If you receive the splash page of a different hotspot in your dashboard check the URL to see if the NASID matches the one for this hotspot.
  • If you receive an error splash page which one?
    If you receive an error page look at the URL to gather data.
    Hotspot Deactivated: Is the hotspot active in the dashboard? Is the NASID in the URL the same as the one in the dashboard for the hotspot? Is the apMAC the same in the url as in gateway created in the dashboard?
    License Deactivated: Use the Error Code to see if the gateway has been created and licensed in the dashboard.
    Login Failed: Ensure that you used the correct gateway type when creating the gateway in the dashboard. Also make sure you used the correct “hotspot services”(this term changes deepening on hardware manufacturer) type in your controller.
  • Can guests authenticate through the splash page and connect to the internet?
    If after entering their social login information and pressing connect, guests are presented the splash page again and are not connected to the internet check the (splash page secret for some hardware) Radius server secret to ensure it is the correct one for the hotspot.Dashboard:
  • Is the hotspot still receiving connections?
    If a client reports that a hotspot is not functioning but the location is still receiving connections it is likely a device specific issue. Determining exactly what the client means by the hotspot is not functioning is paramount in cases like this.
  • Are any guests using an exorbitant amount of data?
    If a guest is using an excessive amount of data from a hotspot, they may be choking the experience for other users. Ensure bandwidth throttling is set in the dashboard or in the controller if using hardware that does not support radius bandwidth throttling.


Updated on May 10, 2019

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