Client Email Templates

The Client Email templates allow you to automate reports to your clients about the activity and performance of their dashboard. Each report has its own keys that can be added to the email template.

The Client Email Templates can be found in the dashboard under Operator Settings. Each report template must be created using the Edit Email Body builder before it can be enabled and sent to Client Users. Emails with existing templates can be tested using the Test Email Client Templates section.


Using the Edit Email Body builder
The following steps cover how to access the Edit Email Body builder inside your Marketing 4 WiFi operator dashboard. The creative steps to brand and design a template are up to the individual operator.

  1. Login to the Marketing 4 WiFi dashboard.
  2. Use the navigation panel to the left to select Operator Settings then Client Email Templates.
  3. Click the blue edit icon for the Client Email Template you would like to configure.
  4. Add an Email Subject to the template and press the Edit Email Body button.
  5. Utilizing the available templates and keys in the builder create your own Email.
  6. Click Close on the builder when you are done.
  7. Click Submit to save the changes to the template.

We strongly suggest utilizing the Test Email Client Templates section to test your Emails before activating them for Client Users.

Weekly Summary Report 1
The Weekly Summary Report 1 is designed to focuses on guest visits. New Guests this week VS New Guests this month & Total Guests this week VS Total Guests this month. This report is delivered every Sunday at approximately 7:30PM Eastern.

Weekly Report Summary 2
The Weekly Report Summary 2 is designed to focuses on connections. Connections this week VS Connections last week & Connections this month VS connections last month. This report is delivered every Sunday at approximately 7:30PM Eastern.

Gateway Alert
The Gateway Alert report will be delievered to Client Users with the report enabled if a MikroTik or OpenMesh gateway status changes. These reports are triggered once an hour for every gateway with a change in status.

ROI Monthly Email Report
The ROI Monthly Email is the available ROI Calculator report in the dashboard delivered to Client Users on the first of the month.

Client Use Green to Yellow & Yellow to Red
The Client Use templates are designed to help operators keep their clients active in the dashboard. Each template will send to users if they do not login to the dashboard after a set number of days that that you define. The templates can be used to provide information and suggestions regarding the platform to encourage users to login. Clients who are actively updating their splash pages and marketing campaigns will be getting the best ROI on their investment in Smart WiFi.

Updated on March 2, 2022

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