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Can I suspend a Client Hotspot?

Yes, you can suspend a Client Hotspot by de-activating it. This is useful if a Client doesn’t pay your bill and you’d like to suspend their Hotspot without losing any data associated with the Hotspot. Simply go to Hotspot>Hotspot List and click the edit icon on the Hotspot you’d like to suspend. Under Hotspot details, change the ‘Active’ status to ‘No’ and then click the ‘Submit’ button. This will deactivate the Hotspot and Guests will NOT be able to login anymore.

When a Hotspot is set to inactive, the data remains but none of the not visible to the Client. When a guest attempts to connect to an inactive Hotspot, they will receive a message in place of the Splash page simply saying that the “Hotspot is deactivated. Contact support.”

In addition, you can read the THIS ARTICLE to De-Activate a Client which will de-activate ALL Of their Hotspots, Client Users, Splash Pages and Session Profiles.


Updated on February 19, 2019

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