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Android closes captive portal before landing page

When Android devices successfully connect to a Guest WiFi SSID configured for the SmartWiFiPlatform using the Android Captive Portal window, the window is closed before being redirected to the landing page.

What is the cause?

  1. Unauthenticated user selects WiFi Network
  2. “Sign-in to network” (Android system app) popup is shown
  3. Captive Portal is opened in “Sign-in to network” app
  4. User is authenticated after clicking on “Connect and visit” button, internet access is granted
  5. “Sign-in to network” window dismissed after gaining internet access
  6. User is authenticated and should be redirected to the requested URL from Captive Portal
  7. Requested page should be opened in a regular browser. This step is missing.

This is an ongoing issue with Android OS and captive portals.The issue originally presented itself during Android OS 4, but because of the variances between manufacturers of Android devices some may experience a better user experience than others. You can view the reported issue at google’s issue tracker here.


Updated on March 24, 2019

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