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As of the Marketing4WiFi 2.44 release you can now place Ads4WiFi Adspaces on a splash page. If a guest clicks on an Adspace the guest will be redirected to the URL connected to the Adspace. Multiple Adspaces can be added to a Splash page and utilizing Guest Flows social login information can be collected at the same time. This feature requires a subscription to the Ads4WiFi platform.

Connect your Ads4WiFi and Marketing4WiFi dashboards

  1. Log in to your Ads4WiFi dashboard. Go to the Operator Customization page and retrieve the Ads4WiFi API Key.
  2. Log in to your Marketing4WiFi dashboard and go to the Operator Customization page, enable and enter your Ads4WiFi key.

Create the Ads4WiFi Adspace

Click here for directions from the Ads4WiFi support knowledge base.

Adding Adspaces to Splash Pages

  1. Create a new drag and drop splash page.(Or edit an existing drag and drop splash page)
  2. Click the template and elements selector and select the Ads4WiFi Ad-Spaces tab.
  3. Drag the Adspace intended for the splash page onto the page. You can place the add on New and Return guest splash pages. The Call-to-Action buttons below each Adspace are all linked to the same destination as the Adspace itself.

Your splash page now contains the Ads4WiFi Adspace. If a guest clicks the Adspace they will be automatically redirected using the simple login method(only device MAC collected) to the destination URL of the Adspace instead of the landing page URL for the hotspot. You can utilize the Reports in the Ads4WiFi platform to track the traffic from the splash page Adspace.

Looking to collect social login information as well as offering Adspaces?

Using the Guest Flow feature of the platform you can collect social login information for marketing campaigns and integration into your CRM platforms while offering Adspaces for unique redirects.

  1. The first splash page should contain the desired Adspace(s).
  2. The last splash page should contain all of the desired social login methods.
  3. Create the Guest flow, make sure the Call-To-Action toggle is disabled.
    You can use multiple splash pages in the flow with multiple Adspaces on each, the guest will be redirected to the last Adspace clicked before clicking the social login process.
Updated on April 15, 2021
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