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Adding Touchless Menus to existing Clients

If an existing client of yours requests a “Touchless Menu Flow” be created for them, they are referencing this client level article. To complete this request complete the steps in this article.

If you would like to offer Touchless Menus to your existing customers that are using the Marketing4WiFi platform for Guest WiFi you can easily add a menu page to their login process using the Guest Flow feature.

  1. Create a Splash Page using one of the Menu Template options available. Add an action button to the bottom of the page so the splash can be used as the first page in the Guest Flow.

    We suggest using the “Image Menu” template as it allows a restaurant to simply upload an image of their menu and updating their greeting if they like and be done their own greeting and be done.For more information on the Touchless Menu creation process please see the client level article on creating Touchless Menus.

  2. Create a Guest Flow using the menu page just created as the first continue page, and the clients existing splash page as their connect page.
  3. Notify the client that their Touchless Menu Flow has been created.



Updated on May 4, 2020

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