Adding an openWRT Gateway


Networks>Gateways>Add Gateway

Select ‘openWRT’ on the pull-down menu

  1. Choose the Hotspot where this gateway will be installed
  2. Enter a gateway name that you’d like
  3. Enter the device MAC Address
  4. Choose a broadcast SSID (This can be changed later, even while the device is in the field.) (The default is determined by the default you chose in the Operator defaults in the Smart WiFi Platform operator settings.)
  5. Set the IP Address range that will be assigned to devices that attach to the openWRT device (Do NOT put this range to 192.168.1.x). We recommend leaving this set to our default to reduce the chances of the device conflicting with other devices on the network.
  6. Select if you’d like the LAN ports on the device to display the Splash Page or if you;d prefer these to act as a switch pass-through. (Choose ‘OFF’ if you need to install this device using an existing Ethernet cable that is connected to a POS terminal or VoIP phone. Choose ‘ON’ if you will be installing other bridged Wireless Access Points behind this gateway that will need to show the Splash Page.)
  7. Select if you’d like to disable Client Device Isolation. (Choose ‘ON’ for maximum security.This seeting prevents connected devices from being able to ‘see’ other devices on the network. Choose ‘OFF’ if you need connected devices to ‘see’ other devices on the network, such as Chromecast.)
  8. Choose DNS settings. (Only change these settings if you’d like to enable content filtering such as openDNS).
  9. Add any walled garden entries. We DO NOT recommend removing any of the existing entries as it may affect the ability to login using the social method.
  10. Enter any notes related to the Gateway (ie: Where the device was installed).
  11. Click ‘Submit’
Updated on October 9, 2019

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