Adding an Open Mesh Gateway

  1. Network>Gateway>Add Gateway

  2. Select ‘Open Mesh’ on the pull-down menu

  3. Choose the Hotspot where this gateway will be installed
  4. Enter a gateway name that you’d like
  5. Enter the device MAC Address
  6. The “Cloudtrax Script” will be used to show the gateway status on the Reports>Gateway Status report. Paste the top portion of the script from the Cloudtrax website:

  7. Use the walled garden list in the Smart WiFi Dashboard and paste into Cloudtrax for this network. NOTE: If you are a white label client with your own CNAME domain name records, be sure to add these to your list in the walled garden in Cloudtrax.
  8. Enter any notes related to the Gateway (ie: Where the device was installed).
  9. Click ‘Submit’


Updated on October 9, 2019

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