Add a HTLM Splash Page

To create a Splash page that will be assigned to Client hotspot or hotspots, follow the following steps:

On the Smart WiFi Platform Dashboard, signed in as an Operator, go to Networks>Splash Pages>Add Splash Page

  1. Select the Client (Your customer) that this Splash Page will be associated with.
  2. Name the Splash page anything you’d like.
  3. You will be required to upload a default venue image. We suggest 300×250 for an initial venue image. We recommend a JPG Image and to keep this small in file size. The splash page should be simple so it can be delivered to a client device quickly. The larger the file, the slower it will be displayed on the guest device.)
  4. Modify the Terms and Conditions if you desire. The default shown here is setup in the Operator Settings area of the Smart WiFi Dashboard.
  5. Adjust the background and font colors accordingly if you desire. This also can be modified by your Client later.
  6. Click Submit to Save the Splash Page.

Here’s a video tutorial:

Updated on October 9, 2019

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