Add/Edit a Client User

A Client User can login to the Smart WiFi Platform to get information related to their Hotspot(s). As the Operator, you will assign the permissions for information and functions for that Client, or to selected Hotspot(s) assigned to a Client.

  1. Login to the Dashboard.
  2. Use the navigation menu to the left to select Operator Settings>Add/Edit Client Users.
  3. Click the ‘Add User’ button.

Configuring User details

  • Client: Select the Client this User should be assigned to.
  • Operator Plan Template: If you have Operator Plans created, you can pull-down a list of available Operator Plan Templates which will set all of the permissions according to your pre-sets. If the Client has been assigned a plan then by default, that plan will automatically appear here. If not, or if you wish to deviate from the Client plan for this Client user, you can select a Plan template. Once this is selected in the pull-down, you simply click the ‘Apply Plan Template’.
  • Hotspot(s): If you would like to restrict this user to only be able to access a specific hotspot under the Client, you can select that here. By default all hotspots are available.
  • Username: Enter your desired username for the user.
  • Email: Enter an email address for the user. This will be used to reset a forgotten password as well as receive Client Email Templates if the Reports are enabled.
  • Password: Enter the desired password for the user.

Configuring User Access & Visibility

There are three ON/OFF toggle columns available.

  • User Access – Turning these features on or off will allow or disallow the feature when applied to a Client User. If this is set to OFF but User Visibility is ON, then the Operator Customizations “Plan Upgrade Message” will be displayed to the user when they try to access a page through the navigation menu.
  • User Visibility– Turning these features on or off allow or disallow the feature be SEEN by the Client User. If this is turned OFF then the navigation menu item will disappear for the user.
  • Email Report: These are the configurable template reports available under the Operator Settings > Client Email Templates tab.



Updated on January 22, 2024
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